Evette Ortiz

Everything was so very executed. Food + service was great. Staff was very attentive.


Shardae Wilson

The tour was amazing, great service, staff and food!


Pinky Mishra

Loved everything. Excellent service! Awezome You have a great team. Good luck and thanks!


Chris Alizaga

Todo estuvo excelente. Me hicieron pasar un buen cumple y de fijo voy a volver.


Raquel Merola

Everything was super enjoyable, thank you!!!


Amelie Rusell

Amazing day!! One of the best days of my life! Thank you!


Isabelle Melancon

Really enjoyed everything, thanks for a wonderful day!


Alexa Bafalis

Calypso Cruises, Keep up the great work!! It is truly been a wonderful experience.


Katie Brown

Keep up the good work! Amazing service with Calypso Cruises!


Keasha Barnes

Awesome Experience with Calypso Cruises! Thank you!


Jamie Lee

Excellent! Calypso Cruises Keep doing a great job.


Sarah Bracht

Calypso Cruises Keep your great work!


Cayla Geaton

Calypso Cruises Fantastic Service! Thank you to all the guides!!


Sara Roberts

Special thank you to the Calypso Cruises crew for helping my handycapped mother getting on/off van and boat. They were very patient. She has multiple Sclerosis and thismay be her last big trip.


Robin Sadler

Calypso Cruises Service + food was fabulous! We loved it + Would highly recommend this tour!.


Steliah Grigoras



Ashley Armstrong

Calypso cruises, It was amazing!.


Dianna / Samuel

Fantastic!. Thank You Calypso Cruises!.


Enrica Ghia

We have really appreciated the great organization is behind this day trip. Thank you Calypso Cruises!.


Lee Labrum

Such a fabulous experience. Our large family of 13 including 2 small children had a wonderful experience! Everything and everyone at Manta Raya was awesome.


Kimber Labrum

I loved everything! Thank you so much Manta Raya crew for a wonderful day!


Nancy Hernandez

Excellent service! Would recommend to other Calypso Cruises!


Rick Lariviere

Perfect day with Calypso Cruises. Everyone worked so hard and were so nice. Thank you.


Ed Tanida

Fun, awesome trip at Manta Raya.


Cayla Gleaton

Fantastic service Calypso Cruises! Thank you to all the guides!!


Robin Sadler

Service and food was fabulous! We love Calypso Cruises and would highly recommend this tour!


Sean & Kerrie LeBlanc

It was awesome Calypso Cruises


Sara Roberts

Special thank you to the crew of Calypso Cruises for helping my handycapped mother getting on/off van and boat. They were very patient. She has multiple sclerosis and this may be her last big trip.


Venkat Gaurav

Keep up the excellent work Calypso Cruises!


David & Emily Shaw

Everything was excellent at Tortuga Island.


Chris Spire

Excellent Tortuga Island tour.


Nicole Mull

It was excellent. Wild recommend Tortuga Island.


Erika Scopelli

Loved the slackline & the volleyball & the activities! Thank you Calypso Cruises!


Mary Powers

Everything was wonderful at Tortuga Island!!!


Christin Sylvara

Don´t change a thing Calypso Cruises


Amana Arayan & Pete Danhenberg

We have traveled to many places, this is the best tour we have been on. Everyone was kind, carrying and extremely attentive at Calypso Cruises


Shay Gaudet

Best trip at Tortuga Island I´ve taken.


Ann & Boyd Brocks

Excellent One Day Vacation at Tortuga Island.


Michael Myers

Everything was 1st class at Calypso Cruises.


Jose Alvarez

Service was excellent at Calypso Cruises. Wouldn't change anything.


Malcom & Ashley

Great good Calypso Cruises


Ray Valere

Great Manta Raya staff and Tortuga Island tour.


Jonathan Ulin

I love the Manta Raya crew! I love the food! I love the free photos!


Anna Ryabora

Thanks Calypso Cruises.


Steve Lytle

Fun trip to Tortuga Island. Nice people.


Vladimir Caruz

Fantastic Manta Raya crew!! Highly recommended.


David Fish

Keep the capitan and crew the guide was always wonderful.


Ann Brooks

Excellent DAY!


Paul Leahy

You are doing a great job very good people.


Stephanie Hellard

We loved it! Thank you so much for the great service and activities. Will recommend to others traveling in Costa Rica!


Greg Dixon

Keep up the good work.


Annette Alford

Had a great day. So much fun! Thanks!!


Markesha Wattres

Everything was excellent, you all did a fabolous job


Nicole Karalevich

Really lovely tour outstanding service


Andrea Gomez

Thank you for a WONDERFULL DAY, great job to all staff... PURA VIDA


Peter Hoang

Keep it up!


Linda Felix

Great time, crew was great.


Morris Gibson

Best day that we had in a long time, thank you so very much


Allan L. Parayno

I can`t think of any sugestions, everything was awesome.


Nasreen Karimi

You all were amazing


Nadya Karimi



Nousheen Karimi

Awesome day adventure! Thanks!


Danielle Kwoka

Amazing experience!! Great place, awesome staff! Thanks!!


Ceinnen John

Lovely day - keep it up! Thanks - you crew!


John Stigan

I love strong drinks ! Excellent service! I liked all the employees.


Kyrin Maat

We had a fantastic day. We loved every part of it. Great crew & great service.


Victor Goodman

Best tour I have ever been on in every category! Can at to I have been a lot. Worth every penny!


Strohfas Donald

You guys are great! The beach area on lunch was amazing!


Rosario Burgos

I wild recomend to other people. I will be back with my family and grandkids.


Jordan Goodwin

Above and beyond in all aspects - a wonderful day!


Matto Moeller

Very good trip. Had fun.


Gabiella Ariganello

Everything was perfect.


Alexander Nuvez

Had a excelent time. Would definitely do it again.


Kara Ress

Thank-you for a great day!!!


Julia Lindbergh

I had lots of fun. Thank you for your kind hospitality + cheering us on while we played volleyball.


Rebecca Chris Kevick

Percy was great, food was great! We loves it!


Caraine Rodriguez

Keep it up !!! AMAZING.


Elaine Froelich

Phenomenal! Highlight of my trip! Muchas gracias!!!


Gabrielle Borque

No suggestions needed, was above and beyond our expectations.

Calypso Cruises is the best choice and a better value because we include

3 Tours in 1 day

1. Tortuga Island Tour • 2. Gulf Islands Tour • 3. Sunset Tour

plus more amenities than any other tour to Tortuga Island


CALYPSO CRUISES pioneered and created the Tortuga Island Cruise in 1975.


CALYPSO's complete One-Day-Vacation is a tour-de-force of all that's magical about Costa Rica and is necessary before one can claim to have fully explored COSTA RICA.

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One block north of Los Antojitos Restaurant.

300 west of Mercado Central in front of Parque Victoria.


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Calypso Cruises is the best choice and a better value because we include

3 Tours in 1 day

1. Tortuga Island Tour
 2. Gulf Islands Tour
3. Sunset Tour

plus more amenities than any other tour to Tortuga Island